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How to Play the Piñata Party Game

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In México where the tradition of a piñata began, they have mastered the art of how to make sure everyone gets a turn to hit the piñata. 

Here's what you need to know when you play the piñata party game...


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Supplies Needed for the Piñata Game

  • Piñata (pull string or break apart)
  • Piñata bat or stick (if using the break apart piñata)
  • Fillers (i.e. yoys, candies, etc.)
  • Blindfold
  • Rope to hang the piñata
  • Tree or place to hang the piñata from
  • Bags or Buckets to collect the goodies in after the piñata breaks

How do you set up the piñata game?

Run a rope through the piñata hanger and have the two tallest adults hold each end of the rope, with the piñata in the middle. 

If two adults aren't available, you can use a sturdy branch or beam for one end of the rope, but set it up so an adult can safely pull the piñata up and down to turn the piñata into a moving target as a child swings to hit the piñata.  

What do you put inside a piñata?

Fill the piñata through the hole in the back or top of the figure and fill it with wrapped candy and or toys. 

What are the rules of piñata?

The goal of the piñata game is to break open the piñata and get all of the candy and toys out. Since swinging of a bat is involved in this game, you want to make sure you give the person who is hitting the piñata lots of space.  

Line up all of the players about 10 feet away from the piñata and hitter.  Also make sure that all of the observers are far enough away that they won't get hit during the game.

When the first hitter is ready to go, bring them within 3 feet of the piñata to start their turn. 

Riles & Bash_How to Play the Pinata Game_Tips & Tricks

Do you blindfold for piñata?

Yes!  You absolutely can and should blindfold players.   To make it a little more challenging you can turn the hitter around a few times in the same spot to get them a little disoriented and to make it more difficult to hit the piñata.  For children that are younger than 5 years old, you can let them hit the piñata without a blindfold. 

What do you use to hit a piñata?

There are piñata sticks and piñata bats that you can purchase to hit the piñata. These are usually colorfully decorated and are strong enough that they won't break during multiple hits of the piñata.

Can you still hit a pull string piñata?

Yes, any piñata can be hit so that it will break open.

Riles & Bash_How to Play the Pinata Game_Tips & Tricks

How many kids can a piñata have?

A piñata that is between 14-16" can hold around 2 lbs of candy and toys which is good for about 8-10 children (or about 5-10 goodies per kid).  

How do you make sure every kid gets a chance to hit the piñata?

The trick is to move the piñata as much or as little as needed during each turn, given the strength and ability of the piñata hitter. By doing this, you can make the piñata last long enough to ensure every child has a turn, and have more control over how long the activity lasts. 

Have fun!


Safety Tips:

Use under Adult Supervision and with a piñata buster. Ensure players remain a safe distance away so that the hitter cannot come into contact with them while swinging.  Once the piñata is broken open, the player must gently put down the piñata buster before players rush in to get treats. Pinatas are flammable so keep away from open flames or fires.

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