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Tea Party Birthday Party

Riles & Bash Tea Party Birthday Party


Tea for Two? or maybe more if you're throwing a Tea Party Birthday Party.

We were inspired by our latest Riles & Bash Rainbow Butterfly Piñata to create a Tea Party that any little kid would fantasize about.   

Not only is this party fun for the kids, it's fun for the environment too.  We included eco-friendly party supplies (and some tips) to show that they can be stylish and easy to incorporate into any party.  Not only is it better for the environment, it makes us feel good too.

Riles & Bash_Rainbow Butterfly Pinata with Colorful Streamers


This vibrant tea party got started by creating the Pink & Purple Streamer Backdrop to set the scene.  The backdrop assembly is easy and we've laid it out step by step for you with How to Make a Streamer Backdrop.  

Riles & Bash Pink & Purple Streamer Backdrop with Crepe Paper Flowers

Riles & Bash Pink & Purple Streamer Backdrop with Crepe Paper Flowers

The Riles & Bash Streamer Backdrop kit includes three different types of decorations that are re-usable and can be used in many different ways, some of which we've included throughout this blog.  

Streamer Curtain Backdrop

For this tea party backdrop we swept the party streamers to each side like a curtain. We included the Rainbow Butterfly Pinata in between the two curtains to add to the decor...and to give the kids a little hint as to what they could expect later...

Riles & Bash Pink & Purple Streamer Backdrop with Crepe Paper Flowers


We found a perfect pale pink fabric tablecloth at a Thrift Store and used it for the guest table.

Then we layered a pale pink cotton gauze table runner down the centre of the table and added a strip of green faux moss.

Finally, the re-usable crepe paper flowers from the Riles & Bash Streamer Backdrop kit were added to the table, along with a few butterflies here and there.

PRO-DECORATING TIP: Layering helps to bring dimension to the centrepiece, giving the table some life.


Riles & Bash Tea Party Birthday Party

Riles & Bash Tea Party Birthday Party



To create a real tea party feel we rented tea cups and saucers, a tea pot, and a couple tiered dessert stands from Kiki and Nono Tea Party Rentals

Riles & Bash Tea Party Birthday Party

Did you know that you can rent cute tea party sets like these for a party?  Not only are they absolutely perfect for the guest table, they are eco-friendly party supplies that can be used again and again.  We were so excited when we stumbled upon this find. 

We used china dessert plates and cutlery from our own collection, and Meri Meri plates to layer the setting.    

Riles & Bash Tea Party Birthday Party

Each setting also had a little butterfly welcoming the party guest to their seat.

Tea Party Birthday Party  

ECO-FRIENDLY PARTY TIP: Create a collection of re-usable cutlery (versus plastic) that you can use over and over again at your parties.

Another eco-friendly party tip that also looks good is to use fabric party napkins instead of paper.  If you are having a small party these are an easy eco-friendly alternative.

Riles & Bash Tea Party Birthday Party


What is a Tea Party without the Tea Sandwiches, Scones & Tasty Desserts?

To make things easy we went to Trader Joe's and stocked up on lots of bite sized snacks:

  • mini scones
  • lemon bars
  • macarons
  • shortbread cookies
  • chocolates
  • madeleine cookies


Riles & Bash Tea Party Birthday Party 

Riles & Bash Tea Party Birthday Party


We also grabbed various types of breads and the toppings to make the tea sandwiches:

  • ham & cheese with mini dill pickle
  • strawberry jam & peanut butter
  • cucumber & cream cheese

TEA SANDWICHES PARTY TIP: Use cookie cutters to create fun shapes for your tea sandwiches

Riles & Bash Tea Party Birthday Party

Riles & Bash Tea Party Birthday Party

Riles & Bash Tea Party Birthday Party

Riles & Bash Tea Party Birthday Party 

Once we had all of the snacks ready to go it was time to put it all together.

Did you know that there is a specific order in which you place the items on the tiered platter?

Here is how to put together an authentic tea party platter.

Bottom Tier: Tea Sandwiches

Middle Tier: Mini Scones, Strawberry Jam, Whipped Butter and/or Clotted Cream (we added a few strawberries for garnish).

Top Tier: Desserts

Riles & Bash Tea Party Birthday Party 

This order follows the proper tea etiquette in which the tea sandwiches get eaten first, then the scones, and then the desserts...but who are we kidding...the kids are going to go straight for the yummy desserts on top aren't they?

Just like our guest of honor...she loved checking out all of the treats that were on display and went straight for the cookies on top!

Riles & Bash Tea Party Birthday Party  


With three different types of decorations inside the Riles & Bash Streamer Backdrop kit, there are endless decoration possibilities to decorate your are a couple more to inspire you...

Create a Streamer Chandelier

Design a streamer chandelier to hang over your Tea Party Table. 

Riles & Bash Tea Party Birthday Party

How to Create a Streamer Chandelier

To create your streamer chandelier, all you need is:

  • a hula hoop
  • sturdy string or yarn (we used white yarn)
  • scissors
  • streamers
  • butterfly cutouts
  • tape

We hung the hula hoop over the table at the height that we wanted with the string tied at 4 points on the hula hoop to keep it level.  Once this was secured, we started dressing it up with the streamers. 

We placed the first roll of streamer over the hula hoop and cut it to the length that we wanted, ensuring that it was even on both sides so that it wouldn't fall off.  We continued alternating streamer colors and various lengths around the hula hoop.  We also layered some of the streamers over top of each other to get rid of any gaps and make it a full looking chandelier. 

Once we were finished with the streamers we added some butterfly cutouts to go with our theme.  We simply taped them to the streamers.

Riles & Bash Tea Party Birthday Party

In total it took about 15-20 minutes to create the streamer chandelier. 

Riles & Bash Tea Party Birthday Party

Pink & Purple Party Backdrop 

Design a full curtain backdrop for your tea party table.  Cascade the ruffled streamers from one side to the other hanging at various lengths.  

Riles & Bash Tea Party Birthday Party


How are you going to design your Tea Party?

Riles & Bash Tea Party Birthday Party


Did you Know that the Riles & Bash Streamer Kit comes in Plastic Free Packaging? 

Riles & Bash Enchanted Pink & Purple Streamer Backdrop with Ruffled Streamers and Crepe Paper Flowers


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