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6 Easy Steps (with Lots of Ideas) to Make Easter Extra Fun for Kids

6 Ideas to Make Easter Extra Fun for Kids (with Lots of Ideas!)


Easter feels like such a magical time with a visit from the Easter Bunny, hunting for Easter eggs, and the indulgence of sweet treats.

With the recent times we've all been experiencing, parents are looking for extra special ways to bring fun to the holidays.  So we've put together 6 Easy Ideas to Make Easter Extra Fun for the Kids.

Whether you choose to keep it simple and do just a few of these ideas or go all out, they are sure to bring the magic to your Easter this year. 


1. Set the Egg-cellent Mood with some Easter Decor

Whenever you choose to start decorating, whether you are someone who starts way ahead of time or leaves it as a big surprise for Easter morning, there are so many colourful and cute ways that you can decorate for Easter.

An easy way to bring the classic pastel palette to your space, is by adding this pastel link balloon garland that you can hang from almost anywhere.  The Riles & Bash Link Balloon Garland Kit comes with everything you need to easily blow up your balloons, link them, and decorate away!

Riles & Bash Party Shop_Pastel Link Balloon Garland

You can hang them over your table, from the ceiling, over doorways, or from various points throughout your house.

Check out this video showcasing just one of the ways in which these link balloons can be used.  How fun would this be for your kids on Easter morning to come out to all of their Easter surprises?!



Another way to use balloons for the occasion is to decorate them with different patterned strips of washi tape to make them look like huge Easter eggs.

Riles & Bash_Easter Fun Ideas_Easter Decor_photo_Oh Happy Day
photo: Oh Happy Day

These balloon eggs can be placed down your table, clustered around the house, or even in your backyard to make it the perfect Easter scene.

Bunnies, chicks, eggs, pastels, tulips and other spring flowers all bring to mind the feeling of Easter, so if you're keeping it simple, focus the rest of your efforts on creating a feature table using some or all of these elements.

Oh and don't forget to add napkin bunny ears to your Easter table.  This is such a cute addition and super easy.  Here's how to do it.

Riles & Bash_Easter Fun Ideas_Easter Decor_photo_allrecipes
photo: All Recipes

Here are just a few photos of Easter table inspiration to get you started.  

This is such a cute and simple table for 2: 

Riles & Bash_Easter Fun Ideas_Easter Decor_photo_Easy like Sunday morning
photo: Easy like Sunday Morning

And if you need to expand this to fit more kids, here is this table theme with more place settings.

Riles & Bash_Easter Fun Ideas_Easter Decor2_photo_Easy like Sunday morning
photo: Easy like Sunday Morning
Riles & Bash_Easter Fun Ideas_Easter Decor_photo_Kiara's Party Ideas
photo: Kara's Party Ideas 
Riles & Bash_Easter Fun Ideas_Easter Decor2_photo_Karas Party Ideas
photo: Kara's Party Ideas

We just love the idea of incorporating grass and flowers as the centrepiece for an Easter table and of course, hiding a few Easter eggs among them.

Riles & Bash_Easter Fun Ideas_Easter Decor2_photo_House of Turquoise
photo: House of Turquoise 

If you’re going all out, spread the Easter decor all over your house and backyard to create an immersive Easter experience.

For more table inspiration you can check out our "Easter Fun" Pinterest board.


2. Leave Traces of the Easter Bunny's Visit

For a great surprise on Easter morning use pretty much any white baking ingredient (flour, baking soda, baking powder, cornstarch etc.) to leave bunny tracks around the house (inside and/or out).

Riles & Bash_Easter Fun Ideas_Easter Decor_photo_Simple Made Pretty
photo: Simple Made Pretty

Create a paw template with a piece of cardboard to sprinkle your baking ingredient into. 

You can also use white sidewalk chalk if you're making the prints outside on the pavement.  Your kids will love running around to see where the Easter Bunny made its way and if it leads to any clues as to where the Easter eggs could be hidden.

Riles & Bash_Easter Fun Ideas_photo_mommy blog expert
photo: Mommy Blog Expert


3. Easter Themed Breakfast or Brunch

After getting your kids into the Easter mood, present them with a fun Easter themed breakfast or brunch.  There are so many creative ideas that range from as simple as fruit cut out in Easter shapes with cookie cutters, to arranging bacon and eggs to look like an Easter bunny, to something for the more experienced baker like creating carrot shaped croissants!  

Riles & Bash_Easter Fun Ideas_Easter Bruch_photo_livinglocurto
photo: Living Locurto
Riles & Bash_Easter Fun Ideas_Easter Brunch_photo_Made It Ate It Loved It
photo: Made It. Ate It. Loved It.
Riles & Bash_Easter Fun Ideas_Easter Bruch_photo_pillsbury
photo: pillsbury 

Some of our favourite Easter Brunch ideas include pancakes made to look like an Easter Bunny showing his fluffy tail, potato nests with hardboiled eggs, Easter Bunny Cinnamon Rolls, and rainbow pancakes.

Riles & Bash_Easter Fun Ideas_Easter Bruch_photo_freshideen
photo: Fresh Ideen 
Riles & Bash_Easter Fun Ideas_Easter Brunch_photo_Kids Cooking Activities
photo: Kids Cooking Activities

4. Easter Crafts & Activities

Keep the kids engaged throughout the day with some fun Easter crafts & activities.  

Of course, the most obvious activity is decorating Easter eggs.  There are so many different ways that you can decorate them.  

You can purchase a DIY egg dying kit, or use some of the materials that you have at home including: food coloring, markers, washi tape, tissue paper, or watercolors...the design possibilities are endless! 

Riles & Bash_Easter Fun Ideas_Easter Decor_photo_labaletterose2
photo: La Bellete Rose 
Riles & Bash_Easter Fun Ideas_Easter Decor_photo_labaletterose
photo: La Belette Rose

One of our fave ideas for decorating Easter eggs and incorporating a little bit of science is dying Easter eggs with baking soda and vinegar.  The kids won't even realize they are learning something because they will have so much fun creating these beautiful Easter egg designs.

Riles & Bash_Easter Fun Ideas_Easter Decor_photo_bhg
photo: bhg 

For a project that will last way beyond Easter, painting egg shaped rocks in creative designs is an activity that everyone in the family can be a part of.  

It can start with a morning walk with the family to find the perfect egg shaped rocks, and end by placing your new colorful Easter eggs in your garden or hidden around the neighborhood to surprise and delight your neighbors as they discover them.

Riles & Bash_Easter Fun Ideas_Easter Activities_photo_projects with kids
photo: Projects with Kids  

Older kids who like more of a challenge can create Easter egg suncatchers that can be used to decorate the windows.  This tutorial gives you the step-by-step on how to create these artistic Easter egg suncatchers.

Riles & Bash_Easter Fun Ideas_Easter Activities_photo_adventure in a box
photo: Adventure in a Box 

If you need an activity that kids can do on their own, we like this Easter inspired "I Spy".  It gives mommy an opportunity to take a break from the day's festivities while the kids color it in. 

Riles & Bash_Easter Fun Ideas_Easter Decor_photo_paper trail design

Finally with bath bombs being so popular with kids these days, these Easter egg bath bombs are sure to be the "fizz".  They make having a bath so much more fun.

Riles & Bash_Easter Fun Ideas_Easter Activities_photo_crafy mornings
photo: Crafty Morning


5. Make & Enjoy Easter Treats

One of the best things about Easter, in our opinion, is all of the yummy treats.  These can be made in lead up to the day, can be part of the Easter day activities...or both!

Depending on what you've got planned you could also create an Easter grazing board filled with a mix of treats (healthy & sweet) like mini carrots (of course) and other veggies, jellybeans, cadbury mini eggs, sugar cookies in Easter shapes, meats & cheeses, and any other Easter treats that your family enjoys.

Pull out any pastel or Easter-esque serving dishes you have and get creative with your display.

Riles & Bash_Easter Fun Ideas_Easter grazing board_photo: domesticatedlife
photo: domestikated life

If you're looking to do some really easy treats that are sure to be a hit, sugar cookies in Easter shapes are always tried and true, or you can try Rice Crispy Nests, or Easter Popcorn.  All of these scream Easter, are fun to make and will be sure to make any belly happy.

Riles & Bash_Easter Fun Ideas_Easter Treats_photo_Cooking LSL
photo: Cooking LSL 
Riles & Bash_Easter Fun Ideas_Easter Bruch_photo sugar spice and glitter
photo: Sugar Spice and Glitter 
Riles & Bash_Easter Fun Ideas_Easter Treats_photo_Mom Foodie
photo: Mom Foodie  


6. Easter Egg Hunt with a Grand Finale Surprise!

And finally, the best part of the day...cause who doesn't love the thrill of the hunt?

To make the traditional Easter egg hunt extra special, you can end it off with a grande finale surprise of an Easter piñata like the Riles & Bash Pull String Easter Egg Pinata. Your kids will get the enjoyment of hunting for their Easter eggs as well as a bonus piñata smash!

For younger kids, a pull string piñata is a great option to get them in on the action.  Which pull string will be the one to open the secret hatch and release all of the treats? 

Riles & Bash Party Shop_Dinosaur Pinata_Dinosaur Egg Pinata
photo: Riles & Bash

For older kids, an Easter egg scavenger hunt adds a challenge and makes the hunt more rewarding.  

Each egg they find has a clue in it that leads them to the next one, or it can include puzzle shapes that they find and then have to put together.  With the grand finale being an Easter piñata that they get to smash open for all of their chocolates and candies.  

Riles & Bash_Easter Fun Ideas_Easter Activities_photo_country living
photo: Country Living 


We are excited to incorporate these ideas into our own Easter holidays.  How about you?  Which ones will you be making part of your festivities this year? Share with us in the comments which ones you'll be doing and making part of your Easter tradition.

Hoppy Easter! 



Riles & Bash Egg Pinata_Easter Pinata Riles & Bash Pastel Link Balloons_Easter Balloons
Riles & Bash Egg Pinata Riles & Bash Pastel Link Balloons

Want more Easter Inspiration? 

Check out our "Easter Fun" Pinterest board for more Easter ideas.


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