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How to Make Spooky Cocktails using Dry Ice

How to Create Spooky Cocktails with Dry Ice

* Always use precautions when handling dry ice per your dry ice distributor.

Kids or not, making spooky cocktails for Halloween is both tasty AND fun.

One of our favorite ways to spook-ify a cocktail, which both adults and kids always get a kick out of, is by adding some dry ice to your drink and watching it smoke.  

It's also a great moment for kids to learn about the properties as well as the precautions needed around dry ice.    

There are a couple ways in which you can safely use dry ice in your drinks.  

The first is with a dry ice stirrer like these ones from MistyStix or these ones that you can get from Amazon.  This actually lets you drink your drink safely while it's smoking.  The dry ice is held in a little compartment at the end of the stirrer so it will not touch your lips or get ingested.  The drink stirrers can be used over and over again so there's lots of fun to be had with these. Check out this video to see how it works.

Dry Ice Stirrers for Spooky Halloween Cocktails


The other way is to simply add a few chunks of dry ice to your drink.  If you decide to do it this way just make sure to wait until the dry ice has completely melted before you take a sip from your drink.  In the meantime you get to have fun watching it smoke.

If you want to be extra safe you can put the dry ice into a punch bowl or other Halloween decorations like potion bottles, just for decor and to see the smoking effect, keeping the beverages free of dry ice.

Riles & Bash_How to Make Spooky Cocktails with Dry Ice
Riles & Bash_How to Make Spooky Cocktails using Dry Ice

Both you and your kids will ooh and awe as the smoke from the dry ice pours out. There will be about 3-5 minutes of smoke coming out until the dry ice has melted.

You can add dry ice to any cocktail that you decide to make for Halloween but we've made it super easy by including a couple spooky cocktail recipes to get you started.  The first recipe is a mocktail for the kids and the second is a cocktail for the adults.  Both of these make spooky green drinks.

Riles & Bash_How to Make Spooky Cocktails using Dry Ice

Monster Mash Mocktail

Serves: 2-3 depending on the portion size

1 cup of Green Berry Hawaiian Punch
1/4 cup of Pineapple Juice
1/4 cup of Ginger Ale

Mix all of the ingredients together, add your dry ice, and watch it smoke.

Now for the adults...

Walking Zombie Cocktail

Serves: 1

1 oz Vodka
1/2 oz Melon Liqueur
1/2 oz Pineapple Juice

Mix ingredients in a shaker and pour into a martini glass without ice.  When you add the dry ice to your cocktail it will chill it up so no need for regular ice.

Where do you get dry ice?

Check your local area for dry ice distributors.  If they sell it in pellets this is ideal for your cocktail stirrer.  However, if they only sell it in blocks you can easily break it into smaller chunks while it's still in the bag, using a hammer, and taking proper safety precautions.  

If you have a meal delivery service they will often come with dry ice to keep the food cold so you can use the dry ice from here.  Keep in mind that dry ice will melt in about 24 hours so you'll have to do a little bit of planning if you go this route.

Fun Facts about Dry Ice

Here are some fun facts about dry ice and some experiments that you can do with  it.  After you've made your spooky cocktails you can show the kids some other things that you can do with dry ice.

Dry Ice Safety Tips

Dry Ice is super cool and fun but make sure you inform your kids about the safety rules around dry ice.  

Adults should be the only ones to handle the dry ice, as safety precautions are necessary. 

Always use thick gloves and/or tongs when handling dry ice.  Never use your bare hands.  Dry ice is extremely cold and can burn your skin like frostbite.

Do not ingest dry ice.  Make sure to either use a dry ice stirrer or wait for the dry ice to completely melt before drinking it.   

Finally, read safety instructions provided by your dry ice distributor.

Well, now that we've got the safety tips out of the way, go have some fun making your spooky cocktails.  Enjoy!

Riles & Bash_How to Create Spooky Cocktails with Dry Ice


Share your spooky cocktails with us @rilesandbashparty.  We want to see how spooky you make them. 



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