9 3/4 Magical Ways to Create a Harry Potter Halloween

Riles & Bash_Harry Potter Halloween_9 Magical Ways to Create a Harry Potter Halloween

October 31st is a pivotal date in the Harry Potter series so it's safe to say that Halloween is important to Harry Potter lovers everywhere, including muggles.

That's why we've put together 9 3/4 Ways to Create a Harry Potter Halloween.


1. Bring a Harry Potter Scene to Life in your Front Yard

Trick-or-Treating is one of the best parts of Halloween, so your front yard is a great place to start in creating a Harry Potter montage that all of the Trick-or-Treaters and neighbors can enjoy. 

There are many different parts of the series that you can bring to life.  Just pick your favorite one!  To get the creative juices flowing, we've picked a couple to get inspired by... 

We love this recreation of Ron's car crashed into the Whomping Willow after he rescued Harry from being locked up at the Dursley's. Here are step by step instructions if you want to create your own Weazley car for your front yard.

Riles & Bash_Harry Potter Halloween_photo: instructables.com
photo: instructables 

How about when Hagrid is getting taken away to Azkaban and tells Ron & Harry, who are hiding under the invisible cloak, to "Follow the Spiders" and it leads them into the Dark Forest.  

Spiders are easy to find at Halloween so bringing this montage to life only requires a couple steps. Buy or make a "Follow the Spiders" sign pointing in the direction of your front door and add some spiders leading the way right up to your porch.  

Riles & Bash_Harry Potter Halloween_photo:hhcre8
photo: hhcre8 
Riles & Bash_Harry Potter Halloween_photo:cmongetcrafty
photo: cmongetcrafty.com


2. Welcome Trick-or-Treaters with a Decked out Front Entrance

When Trick-or-Treaters get to your front porch you can wow them with a montage that even non Harry Potter lovers will recognize.

Start by stacking up some old suitcases or trunks, add a cage with an owl in it, a broom that is Nimbus worthy, and finish it off with the always recognizable Griffendor scarf.  You could even add a package or two wrapped in brown paper.

Riles & Bash_Harry Potter Halloween_photo:catchmyparty 
photo: catchmyparty

If you are up for a bit more of a challenge you can create an Enchanted Ceiling just like in the Great Hall with pumpkins hanging overhead on your front porch.  

Riles & Bash_Harry Potter Halloween_photo thekimsixfix
photo: thekimsixfix 

You can also take decorating one step further and bring the theme just inside your front entrance.  When you open the door to Trick-or-Treaters they will get even more of the Harry Potter experience.  Just wait for the ooohhhs and aaahhhhs you'll get.

Riles & Bash_Harry Potter Halloween_photo: suzyhomemaker.co.uk 
photo: suzyhomemaker.co.uk

A fun and easy DIY that you can add to your front porch or just inside your front door is creating the infamous floating candles from the Great Hall.  Follow the simple steps in this DIY to make your very own floating candles.

Riles & Bash_Harry Potter Halloween_Floating Candles_photo behr
photo: Behr


3. Decorate with Harry Potter Carved Pumpkins

What better way to say Halloween than with carved pumpkins... and what better way to make them a part of your Harry Potter Halloween than carving them with your favorite Harry Potter motifs.

You can carve the Harry Potter logo, the faces of your favorite characters, your favorite spell... there are so many possibilities!

Here is a tutorial on how to carve a pumpkin along with 60 Free Harry Potter carving templates for you to pick from. 

The wonderful thing about carved pumpkins is that you can use them all over: line the walk way to your front door, decorate the front porch, put them in your window, line them up along your patio... or all of the above.  Once it gets dark outside, watch the magic come alive!

Riles & Bash_Harry Potter Halloween_photo that geekish family 

Riles & Bash_Harry Potter Halloween_carved pumpkins_photo the pumpkin geek
photo: the pumpkin geek
Riles & Bash_Harry Potter Halloween_carved pumpkins_photo Gaby White
photo: Gaby White

If you're looking for something even easier, you can use a black permanent marker to write some of your favorite spells in a fancy mystical font like this one...

Riles & Bash_Harry Potter Halloween_photo pop sugar tech
photo: popsugartech


4. Add the Harry Potter Magic Inside your House

Get inspired by a scene from the movie or just pull together your favorite elements to showcase your love of Harry Potter inside your home.  

We love this rendition by VandiFaire who added her own touch to a Harry Potter inspired Halloween montage.  Spiders, a bird cage, snakes, owls, flying letters, spells... all speak to the Harry Potter theme.  Make it your own just like she did!

Riles & Bash_Harry Potter Halloween_photo VandiFaire 
photo: VandiFaire

If your vibe is on the scarier side, you could create a scene including Dementors and Harry's Patronus... what a great way to use a light up Christmas deer... very creative.

Riles & Bash_Harry Potter Halloween_photo BuzzFeed
photo: BuzzFeed

You can also go all out like Entertaining Diva and make a total transformation inside your home.  She even covered her walls and ceiling to make it feel like you were inside the Harry Potter world!  Check out more of what she did to get some inspiration for your own transformation. 

Riles & Bash_Harry Potter Halloween_photo Entertaining Diva
photo: Entertaining Diva


5. Create Smoking Potions and Drinks

What is a wizard without some magical potions up their sleeve?  Halloween is the perfect time to create some enchanting potions AND drinks that give off a magical (& sometimes spooky) feel.

Riles & Bash_Harry Potter Halloween_spooky potions and drinks

Adding dry ice to your potions and drinks is a fun way to add some magic to your Harry Potter Halloween. 

Riles & Bash_Harry Potter Halloween_spooky potions and drinks

Here are step by step instructions to using dry ice safely, along with a couple spooky cocktail and mocktail recipes.


6. Design a Harry Potter Themed Treats Table & Charcuterie Board

There are many sweet treats throughout the Harry Potter series like Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, Chocolate Frogs, and Exploding Bon Bons; and Halloween is all about candy so what's better than creating a decadent dessert table featuring a sweet charcuterie board filled with Harry Potter themed treats.

Riles & Bash_Harry Potter Halloween_Harry Potter Charcuterie Board

Themed charcuterie boards are a great way to bring together a variety of delectable treats that not only taste but also look good. 

Riles & Bash_Harry Potter Halloween_Harry Potter Charcuterie Board

We brought together a selection of Harry Potter inspired treats like: Sorting Hat Cupcakes, Ferrero Rocher Golden Snitches, Gringott's Gold Coins, Pocky Magic Wands, and Mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Broomsticks to create this to-die-for Harry Potter Charcuterie Board.  

Riles & Bash_Harry Potter Halloween_Harry Potter Charcuterie Board

Here are the steps and some tips on how we put together this Harry Potter Inspired Charcuterie board.  Check out Create a Decadent Harry Potter Charcuterie Board in 3 Easy Steps. 


7. Wear your Favorite Harry Potter Character Costumes 

We can't talk about Halloween without talking about costumes!  They go hand in hand and there are so many different characters from the Harry Potter series that you can bring to life. 

Riles & Bash_Harry Potter Halloween_photo buzz feed
photo: buzzfeed 

You can copy a character's look from head to toe, or you can get a little creative and put your own spin on them.  Check out some of these unique ideas for Harry Potter costumes.


8. Hit a Harry Potter Piñata!

If you want to add some festivities to your Harry Potter Halloween, playing the piñata game with a Harry Potter piñata is always "a hit!".  

The Riles & Bash White Snowy Owl Piñata is the perfect size to play with indoors or out.  

Riles & Bash_Harry Potter Halloween_Harry Potter Pinata


9 3/4. Watch a Harry Potter Movie 

End off your Harry Potter Halloween by watching your favorite movie from the series.  Now, if it's too hard to pick just one, you might need to start a Harry Potter movie marathon.  But that's not a bad thing is it? 

Riles & Bash_Harry Potter Halloween_photo girlandhercoffee
photo: girlandhercoffee


Happy Harry Potter Halloween!  

How are you going to create a Harry Potter Halloween?  Share with us in the comments below. 

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